Full-Funnel Commerce: How to Build an Online Strategy for the Entire Consumer Journey

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E-commerce never rests. Consumers are always online, on multiple devices, and can move from inspiration to purchase in just a few clicks.

While the number of digital touchpoints available to consumers has exploded, the global pandemic has accelerated their digital-first mindset even further. The result is a complicated and convoluted path to purchase in an increasingly competitive online landscape.

So how do modern brands and retailers successfully find and capture these active, savvy and demanding consumers?

Join Greg Ives, senior product marketing manager, and Bradley Hearn, product marketing manager, for a lively and personable discussion about the new pathways to purchase. Learn more about:

  • Key trends and challenges shaping e-commerce today
  • The key stages of the path to purchase
  • Essential strategies to find and connect with consumers along their journey
  • The influence of the post-purchase experience
  • And much more

Discover simple and practical techniques to cut through the complexity and engage with today’s consumers.

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