7 Steps to Successful Multi-Marketplace Selling

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Selling on multiple marketplaces is an intelligent strategy that broadens your product exposure to highly compatible audiences and reduces long-term risk through diversification.

But, without a cohesive plan, managing these multiple accounts can begin to drain resources. Each location comes with advertising campaigns to manage, shipping considerations to review, errors to resolve. How can you effectively maximize your presence to capture as many sales as possible everywhere you’re selling? Does multiplying marketplace channels in your portfolio have to mean ballooning efforts and cost?

Director of Product Marketing Greg Ives and Product Marketing Manager Bradley Hearn will discuss these questions and present a seven-step process to succeed across multiple marketplaces. Join him to hear decisive tips on how to:

  • Ensure your content is optimized while remaining compliant to all requirements
  • Develop an advertising strategy to achieve visibility
  • Engage with customers who enjoy shopping at each marketplace
  • Address fulfillment challenges
  • Use advanced analytics to streamline operations
  • And more

Every marketplace you’ve chosen is loaded with potential. Make the most of it by combining the talent of your business and the brilliance of your products with an intentional multi-marketplace selling strategy.

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