Episode 8:
The Power of Reinvestment in Building a Multimillion Dollar Business

His first introduction to eBay was via a shopping spree using the credit card he "borrowed" from his parents at age 16.  Now Travis Vosika works alongside his brother Jimmy, selling consumer electronics and home goods direct to consumer and on eBay and many other marketplaces.  The company the brothers began working on in 2007 out of a small three-car garage has now become a $25 million a year company with 175 employees.  Travis leads strategic processing for their newest entity, Minnesota Home Outlet, and had a heavy influence in the startup of  In episode 8 of the E-Commerce Essentials Commerce Cast, Travis shares how he plans to invest further in his business through manufacturing in China, expanding automation across business operations and hiring ChannelAdvisor's Managed Services team to run its e-commerce business.

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